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Daylilies are extremely adaptable perennials. They are easy to grow and relatively pest free. Flowers come in many color combinations, shapes and patterns. Each flower typically remains open for one (but sometime two) days, hence the common name of daylily. Flowers are produced in succession in such quantity that the plants remain in flower over a long period of time. Each plant features basal, linear, grass-like to sword-shaped foliage. Cultivars may grow from 1-4’ tall.

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Happy Returns #1 pot, Happy Returns #2 pot, Little Grapette #1 pot, Little Grapette #2 pot, Passionate Returns #1 pot, Passionate Returns #2 pot, Red Hot Returns #1 pot, Romantic Returns #2 pot, Rosy Returns #2 pot, Stella De Oro #1 pot, Stella De Oro #2 pot, Stephanie Returns #1 pot, Stephanie Returns #2 pot


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