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Ornamental Grass




Ornamental grasses offer year-round landscaping. While beautiful in the spring,
summer, and fall, many people think they are at their best when providing seasonal interest and beauty in
the winter garden. When covered with a blanket of snow, ornamental grasses are magically transformed
into winter masterpieces.

During the growing season, many ornamental grasses exhibit beautiful variegation and colorful
foliage. Colors range from every shade of green and blue to brilliant reds and purple. In addition to colorful
foliage, the flowering heads of ornamental grasses provide many shades of color from
summer to late fall.

Ornamental grasses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from the low mounding fescue to
the tall vertical species suitable for specimen plants or as screens and hedges.
This diversity in shape and size adds the dimension of depth to the landscape.

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Ornamental Grass

Black Mondo Grass #1 pot, Feather Reed Grass Karl Foerster #1 pot, Fountain Grass Little Bunny #1 pot, Japanese Silver Grass Huron Sunrise #1 pot, Japanese Silver Grass Little Zebra #1 pot, Japanese Silver Grass Porcupine #1 pot, Switch Grass Apache Rose #2 pot, Switch Grass Apache Rose 8" pot, Switch Grass Cheyenne Sky 8" pot


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